Beach and Sand Games with İrina

Anne Hikayesin’de her ay erken dil gelişim uzmanı İrina Akbulut bir İngilizce makalesiyle bizlere olacak. İrina bebekler ve çocuklar için erken yaşta ingilizce eğitim programları geliştiren biz uzmandır. 

İrina Instagram’da: @zeytinvelimon

IMG_4820Hello everybody! Hope you missed me, because I missed sharing our funny games with all of you. I know summer is a time for holidays by the sea. I hope all of you had a chance to swim and sunbathe and have a really great time. Although summer has gone, holiday season is still running and many families are on their way to the Southern coast of Turkey. So as I promised in my previous article, I have some funny games for you and your kids in English. Besides, I want to remind you that your kid’s future depends on you now. If you give him or her this chance, I mean with second language, in the future you’ll get amazing results and many thanks from your children.

Playing in the sand is a great activity for very small children as it helps them explore textures and understand basic spacial concepts like fullness and emptiness. In general, babies are ready to play in the sand around 12 to 18 months, although some infants take to the beach or sandbox even before the end of their first year.

One of the simplest games for parents to play with their children in the sand is “Hide and find”, because it can involve any small toy. Just bury a toy in wet or dry sand and have the toddler search for it. ” Where is the box? Where Is our red box? Look for it! Is it here? No, it is not. Is it here? Yes! Good for you! You have found it!” For older kids hide pairs of similar toys and have the child find matching objects.

IMG_4818Parents can also draw patterns in the sand with sticks or their fingers and then invite their children to do the same. You can use simple words just to have a good time ” Honey, let’s draw the sun. Take a stick. Good for you! I can draw a bird also. Draw the line like this.”

One more great game for small children is building a sand castle. What you need are some buckets and shovels. You can tell a story about prince or princess while making the castle. Just let this activity be magic like, “Let us build a castle for a princess Şule. She is very beautiful princess. She lives in the highest tower, so we need the biggest bucket we have. Let’s fill it with sand. Let’s overturn it. Look! What a nice shape! Now we have to make a home for her parents, brothers and sisters. Good for you my baby!”

Preschool-age children love hunting for small objects just as much as babies do.  The treasures can be spread out over a large area. Bury small toys or other objects in the sand and give a child a shovel to help hunt for treasure and a pail to carry found items around. ” Where is the treasure? Let’s us find it! Is it here? Let’s dig up the sand.”

IMG_4819Big, old socks are a great way for small children to interact with sand. A child should receive one sock and a shovel to help fill it with sand. Tie off the tops of the socks with rubber bands and encourage the children to mold their socks into different shapes. Have them use markers to draw noses, mouths, and eyes on their socks, resembling faces, or to make whatever other patterns or designs they like, “Let us make a cat. Or a dog? We need to make a head and eyes and ears.”

As you see learning English is so simple while playing. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes while talking. You are always learning in your life, aren’t you? Why can’t you learn together with your child? Don’t you think that child also can be your teacher? Accept the fact that kids have amazing gift of learning foreign languages times faster than adults. Give your child this chance for brighter future!

Wish all of you to have a good time!

Sincerely yours,



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