Summer English Games with Irina

Anne Hikayesin’de her ay erken dil gelişim uzmanı İrina Akbulut bir İngilizce makalesiyle bizlere olacak. İrina bebekler ve çocuklar için erken yaşta ingilizce eğitim programları geliştiren biz uzmandır. 

İrina Instagram’da: @zeytinvelimon

IMG_4071Hello everybody. It’s Irina again. How are you doing? How is your summertime going? Did you miss me and my English lessons? As for me, I am not happy with the weather nowadays. It’s raining all the time and we can’t spend as much time outdoors with my girl as we want. But when the weather is good for at least an hour, we put on our clothes and run outside to enjoy fresh air and freedom. And do you know what? Sometimes we have our English time outdoors! Why? Because every morning, rain or shine, we spend a couple of hours speaking English. We can take our lessons with us to the streets, parks, and even to the seaside. All we need are some toys and a good mood. Let me describe to you some of our games.

IMG_4209To learn or repeat colors we use some colorful balls. For the beginning we need just four of them: green, yellow, red and blue. The words we use are also simple: “What is this, honey? This is a ball! A green ball!” We show our baby a ball and throw it to her with these words: “And what is this? One more ball! A red ball! Yes my baby, a red ball!” One by one we show all the balls before we really start playing. We can throw the ball to each other: “Throw me a ball! Good for you!” and of course catch it: “Catch a ball, sweety! You are my champion!”. We can play hide and seek for balls: “Where is the ball, my sweet sugar? Let’s find the ball! Yes, here it is. We have found our yellow ball. Now let’s find our blue ball.” To make sure we’re also learning how to share, we say things like:” Give me a ball, my baby! Let’s play together”. Instead of balls we can use other toys. It’s good to use toys that kid loves most.

IMG_3883Of course we can play this game in the water. Summer time is the time to go to the seaside. We can’t miss one or two weeks of our English lessons. That’s why we have to play games in English by the seaside. During the summer, some mothers also face a problem of long trips by car. A naughty child can turn the trip into a disaster. My family has come up with an escape game to deal with this. You can use finger toys or a glove-toy to play in a car, and don’t forget about books also.

Recently, we had a family trip to the Black Sea coast. We spent over two hours in the car with my 16 month old daughter. And do you know what? When she wasn’t sleeping, she read books out loud. Of course she is too small to read, but she pretended she was reading. She was turning pages and saying something while we all pretended not noticing her. I don’t like to interfere with such moments. I was so impressed and pleased. I think it’s kind of blessing when your child loves books. 

By the seaside we can play water balls and use words I have mentioned above. We can also build send castles and play some games in water. Next time I will tell you about games in water that you can use in the pool and at home while having bath with your toddler. Have a good time and enjoy your summer!

Sincerely yours, 



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