Using Books to Learn English

image (1)Anne Hikayesin’de her ay erken dil gelişim uzmanı İrina Akbulut bir İngilizce makalesiyle bizlere olacak. İrina bebekler ve çocuklar için erken yaşta ingilizce eğitim programları geliştiren biz uzmandır. 

İrina Instagram’da: @zeytinvelimon

Hi there! It’s Irina again with English Early Learning Methods. I want to remind you one more time how important it is to learn English from the first month of a baby’s life! Toddlers are so fast to learn and absorb information. They are incredibly talented and they can learn foreign language much faster and easier then adults. Also, learning a second language helps develop a baby in different ways, such as developing brain possibilities, developing character, personality, and so on. 

I would like to stress reading books as one of the main methods in my Early Learning English System. I am completely sure that reading books in general, and reading books in English have great influence on bringing up a personality. Not only children, but even adults enlarge their knowledge with the help of books.

They say if you want your child to start saying his first words earlier, you have to read for at least 30 minutes a day for her or him to listen. For the beginning, it is going to be just playing games while mommy is reading. But the time will come when your toddler will take a book in his own hands (and maybe even taste it with his teeth!) Little by little your baby will start to make some noises, pretending to read a book like a mother. Our kids try to perform like us, so why not show them a good example? Throw off your cell phone while your kid is around and open a book!

image (4)Every day I try to read as many books in English as I can out loud. My girl is fond of listening to my reading, or just turning on pages herself. One can think this has no purpose, but I can argue with that! While listening to mothers reading, kids absorb many things at once: vocabulary, pronunciation, and even grammar on unconscious level.

Time will pass and all those words and word combinations, even sentences will come up in your child’s speech in English. This is a method that many mothers have been practicing during many years in Europe, and other countries all over the world. This is what we enjoy every day with my baby girl, and what I always advise for Turkish and Russian mothers. What can be better than mothers voice reading a story? And of course starting from three months old, a child can be given a colorful English book with bright pictures to look at to discover our world. 

Thanks God nowadays we have a great choice of books in English in Turkey, and all over the world. It is easy to walk in a bookstore and ask for help, or it can be done with one click on an Internet store. The only problem is our fear and, maybe even a little laziness. It is always hard to make a first step…But let’s not forget about our duties. We are not only mothers, we are teachers and conductors for our precious sweet angels called kids. 

I hope this article will help many of you to choose a right way in brining up your kids.

With love and respect,
İrina Akbulut
İrina Instagram’da: @zeytinvelimon

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